Spring 2018

Assessing the films

So ...

  • Which film was your favorite? Least favorite?
  • Which film are you most likely to watch again? Least likely?
  • Which film was the best "discovery" for you?
  • For any film you had seen previously, what did you learn from watching in class?
  • Which film was the most interesting from the perspective of the class concepts and theme? Least interesting?

Re-watch days

In the course assessments, I noticed a minor disagreement between some students about the re-watch days. Some students cited these as when they were most engaged in class and others cited these days as when they were the most distanced.

  • If you were most engaged on re-watch days, why did these days work for you?
  • If you felt distanced on these days, why didn't they work for you? What would you change?
  • In either case, for future terms would you recommend that I keep this structure (five films, two weeks per film) or program more films (e.g., a new film very week)?

Finals Week Spring 2018

  • We do not meet as a class.
  • Blogging continues through W 6/13 following the regular schedule (get details).
  • The grading self-assessment is due at 6:00 pm on R 6/14 (get details)
  • My office hours will change for finals week. Check my faculty homepage for specific days and times.
  • The final deadline for work to count for normal letter grades in Spring 2018 is 5:00 pm on F 6/15. No extensions will be granted for after that day and time. Refer to individual assignments for details.

Grade check

As we near the end of the term, I recommend that you login to Moodle and check the "Grades" section to make sure that you are on track for the grade you want or feel you can live with. Time is short to make up missing assignments and in line with my Extensions & Make-ups Policy, I may not agree to credit all missing work, but it would still be better to ask than not if that work is going to adversely affect your grade.

Following my Grading Policy, remember that your final grade will be based on your average completion rate of credited assignments. To get an accurate account of your progress, you will want to calculate that average yourself. The total percentage in Moodle is not an average, but is for all submitted work.

Notes for re-watch of Arrival

Here is what I have for our re-watch, based on my notes and the Post-Film Writing:

  • Sound and m-e-s (music, dialogue, environmental sounds).
  • Use of color and light, especially in the context of "memory," but also the use of low key lighting.
  • Setting, especially the house.
  • Props and special effects (the ships, the aliens, military equipment and, relatedly, costume).
  • In particular, the first clear shot of the Montana ship and the military compound (setting), and the first scene in the interior of the ship.
  • Action and performance, especially Amy Adams.
  • The use of the "framing" shots.

In addition, there is interest in discussing how this film handles time and time travel, especially in comparison to Twelve Monkeys.